What to except once you’ve submitted
a claim to your insurance company

Emergency Inspection

  • Our Inspection is accompanied with a detailed inspection report, submitted to the insurance company or your restoration provider within 48 Hours.
  • A forensic roof inspector will complete an inspection of your home and report their findings to your insurance company for review.

Emergency Repairs

  • If an Emergency repair is required to stop the leak or further damage to your home, one is conducted immediately and the findings are added into the report for your insurance company to review.
  • YOU HAVE A DUTY TO MITIGATE ALL YOUR LOSSES. Do not let the insurance company deny your claim based on your failed understanding on of the Insurance Act or Relevant Law.

Claim Approved

  • Following the approval of your claim. We will contact you and assist you with all the necessary paperwork.
  • Our Project Managers are always available to answer any or all of your questions.

Certified Install

  • Our Installers are certified and will only install the best products available in the market to match the specifications of your pre-loss conditions.
  • We constantly are educating Insurance Adjusters as to what products are available on the market to best match Pre-Loss Conditions.

Post Install

  • After your installation is complete we will have our inspection teams attend once more to certify your roof and provide warranty information based on the manufacturers specification.
  •  We will work with your insurer to ensure the claim is handled efficiently and hopefully relieve you from stress that may have been caused by the damage to your home.

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