OUR SERVICESWe offer Attic Insulation Services in Toronto

Having a modern, energy-efficient machine in your house can save you a good amount of money on utility bills but not if your roof is leaking or inappropriately insulated. We provide attic insulation services in Toronto to battle energy loss.

OUR SERVICESFull assessment of your attic

An improperly insulated attic can result in more than 25% energy loss. When you change your heating and cooling equipment, you should also consider replacing or repairing your attic insulation. Our professional team of engineers will carry out a full assessment of your attic and advice on what is required.
Drafts in areas of your house.
Irregular temperatures circulated in rooms.
Severe hot or cold conduction via walls, ceilings, and other parts.
High heating or cooling bills

RIDGELINE SERVICESWe offer various insulation retrofit services

We offer various insulation retrofit services, like attic insulation, wall insulation, and basement closures. Ridge Line has the skills and technology to diagnose your attic, and professional service it. If you are facing any of these issues, you need our services:



How to Know Whether You Need Insulation

To discover if you require insulation services, consider your attic floor. If your insulation only comes to the tops of your joists, you need to add more to benefit from it maximally. If you are doubtful or need a professional assessment of your attic insulation, we are available to conduct an inspection and offer a detailed report about it.

Another indicator of a poorly insulated attic is high heating and cooling bills. However, siding insulation can also cause this problem. That is why a professional assessment and report from Ridge Line will help you identify your precise insulation needs.

RIDGELINE SERVICESEnsure your attic is appropriately insulated

Having spent our lives in Toronto, we acknowledge the need for keeping yourself warm during winter and cool during summer. If you plan to improve your house comfort amid snowy winters or on the most humid summer days, it is advisable to ensure your attic is appropriately insulated.

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