While your roof is not the only part protecting your property, it is indisputably the first line of defense against weather elements, like rain and sunshine. Unfortunately, many homeowners forget about their roofs after building. We are trusted throughout Toronto, and we have the experience to handle all types of commercial and residential roof leaks- from minor leaks to severe storm leaks and catastrophic roof issues.

OUR SERVICES Dedicating time and energy into roof leak repairs

At Ridge Line, we do not play the "repair merry-go-round" game with our clients. Instead of deducing what and where the issue is, conduct pre and post-repair water tests. Some people think we are insane for dedicating so much time and energy into roof leak repairs, but we keep doing it because we value our customers!


OUR SERVICESReasons to Get Your Roof Leak Fixed

Mold Growth
When wood gets wet, it quickly starts to rot and eventually causes the growth of mold and fungus. Mold cause severe health problems, and if your roof continues leaking, they will spread into your HVAC system.
Deterioration of Structural Materials
Long-lasting roof leaks are likely to lead to framework damages. The presence of water makes wood to rot, weakening the frame of your property. This can eventually make a roof to collapse.
Energy Loss
A leaking roof will lead to high energy bills since moisture in the attic can easily damage your insulation. Damaged or poor insulation leads to heat loss in winter or fresh air during summer.
Fire Hazards
Most people do not think that water leaking through the roof can cause a fire. When water gets in contact with electrical wires, it can cause shocks and fire.

RIDGELINE SERVICESTrust us with all your roof leak needs

So, how do you prevent all these problems? Trust us with all your roof leak needs. We have been offering roof leak services to both commercial and residential owners in Toronto for several years.

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